Overworked & Underpaid


In response to the prompt here , I have a few doors that I have closed for good, I hope.

Much like another poster indicated, I feel uncomfortable saying I will never open it again, as I don’t know the future and do not have all the information I would need in order to make that decision at this moment in time. I am such a hedger and fence-sitter anyway, that words like never make me squirmy and twitchy.

I have worked since I was 14 years old full time, with only maybe a combined total of 3 years off during my child rearing years. I was raised with a very strong work ethic and the belief that if you work hard, people will notice and respect you and promotions will appear as appropriate due to all your hard work and dedication.

Sitting here now, I know that to not always be the case.

I have worked in health care for the last twenty five years, in every clinical area imaginable. Seniors health, rehab, Critical Care, Palliative care, Hospice, Rural health, Med/Surgery and corporate.

The most rewarding area by far was hospice and I would still be there but for the fact that I had two sons going into secondary schools, and the pay was atrocious as it was a not for profit organization.

So, off I went to the corporate offices, in search of the money I needed to help these sons of mine get their educations, so that they could eventually fly on their own, and my conscience AND bank account was done with them.

I have watched horrible people advance here to senior leadership positions, due to nepotism, blatant fraternization and also political savvy, regardless of their skills or leadership potential.

I have also seen colleagues who stayed until 9:00 at night every night for years get passed over for promotions for reasons that are obscene. (she wore “slutty” shoes to the interview, he has a weight problem so bad optics for a health care management position…)


I have always worked very hard for my own team and I love to help my colleagues whose time is better spent improving the patient care experiences in their facilities, but I am closing the door on giving more than is healthy for me to anyone else any more.

Moving forward, I will be doing my own job very well, as I always have, and with pride.

But I will not be covering for anyone else that cannot seem to complete their own tasks within the time frames they are given. If there are constant issues like that, then those employees need to be performance managed or mentored. In the organization I work for, the practise is to over work the diligent workers to stress-related time off, rather than ensure everyone has manageable workloads.

Call it slowing down.

Call it tossing that big heavy medicine ball back where it belongs.

Hell- call it lazy old bag syndrome, for all I care.

All I know is I am done covering any asses other than my own in the work place and it feels awesome!


( furtively put key in safe hiding place…just…in…case)





2 thoughts on “Overworked & Underpaid

  1. calensariel January 20, 2016 / 10:50 pm

    I read your post to my son, Brandon. It made him not feel so alone! I guess we didn’t do a good thing when we tried to teach our kids that nice guys always win. Life just doesn’t work that way, does it… Be sure to stick to your guns, kiddo!!! Great post.

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