Looking Back


It’s  review time for the Sandbox Writing Challenge so I am going to try and make sense of some of my writing for this challenge. I didn’t take part in all the challenges during this section,  so only have a few to look back on.

Surprising post:

The one that took me by surprise the most was my post about the old man.

I hadn’t thought about that particular patient in years and yet my mind took me there right away,  so i ran with it. I sometimes fear I am a bit dark in my writing,  which is odd, as my outward self is very much sunny and laughing,  but I’m realizing that I have things that have lingered very deeply inside of me,  and the freedom of telling those truths and letting them go has been so very therapeutic for me.

So apologies if I offend with subject matter or language at times,  but it is what it is,  and I want the authentic me to be what you see.


I need to become more disciplined about writing. I love doing it. It makes me feel so accomplished when I complete a piece and quite honestly,  I find it fascinating to see how differently and yet how alike we all see the prompts.  I love the poetry so much,  but don’t feel any faith in myself ever having the skill or bravery it takes to weave my stories in that format.

Loosening Up Exercises

What feelings describe you?

1.  Hopeful
2.  Contemplative
3.  Irritable
4.  Silly
5.  Scared
6.  Curious
7.  Understanding

What habits describe you?

1. Exhausted during the work week. Unable to commit to anything but the getting there,  working,  and getting home without any emotional outbursts.
2. I am very responsible. Always do what is expected of me.
3. Tell myself every Sunday night I will be in bed sleeping by ten but never sleeping before 2 a.m. Mondays are a monster for me.
4. If it is a holiday,  I’m the one cooking the bird.:)
5. I clean in bursts as I am scared if I don’t, things will get unmanageable and i will feel overwhelmed.
6. I cannot fully wake up without a cup of coffee in me. 7. Talking to strangers is my thing. They always approach me and tell me the most amazing and sometimes personal stories.

What beliefs describe you?

1.  In the depths of winter,  I found within me an invincible summer. ( Framed in my home)
2. Out of suffering comes the capacity to fully appreciate joy.
3. Loyalty should be more than a tattoo in a fancy font on your backside.
4. Love makes the world go round. 💜
5. Do unto others…
6. Don’t say anything that could harm someone’s spirit.
7. Above anything,  just be kind. And if you can’t be kind, be quiet.

What else describes you?

1. Intolerance and bigotry can make me feel rage.
2. I never judge anyone for choices they have  made. We are all responsible for our own lives and deal with our own consequences of any choices made.
3.  I have amazing hair!
4.  I think I have a book in me.
5.  I’m excited for what my future holds.

2 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. calensariel May 16, 2016 / 11:13 am

    Out of suffering comes the capacity to fully appreciate joy. THAT right there is why I love what you write. Even if you feel it’s dark sometimes. I’m struggling, too, with accepting that part of myself. Wrote about it this morning. But it’s part of who we are as well. AND it’s the basis for your amazing observation. Excellent review, Shannon. (And btw, I covet your hair!!! 😀 )


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