Indomitable Spirit

The Sandbox Writing Challenge this week asks what keeps us going.
I had to ponder on this for a bit as I’m always slightly bewildered when asked where my strength comes from or what contributes to my not just falling down and giving up.
Hope obviously springs eternal.
That’s a given.
But there have been times in my life when hope took a short walk on me, and I was left alone and searching internally to find a shred of anything to hold on for.
My sons have always tethered my heart here, since their arrivals into my life, but I know that is too easy and and pat of an answer from me for this particular query.

I have (am) an indomitable spirit.

I didn’t have to work for this spirit at all.
It has fortunately always been within me and has stayed burning brightly during the darkest times of my life.
The flame has sputtered many times but never ceased to provide me with the fire and persistence to just keep going.
Sometimes crawling,  and holding on in incredibly weakened states, but always, always there.
That spirit has an intrinsic awareness that it IS always darkest before the dawn.
It knows that holding on for me when I’m weak or scared or tired is what its purpose is,  as important as my lungs are to sustaining my breathing.

I am such a lucky girl who has experienced so many golden moments thus far and met so many incredible humans along my path.

There’s more around the next corner, for everyone.

Keep to the road and don’t falter, fellow travelers.

This life is amazing.

“You say that your sky has been changing lately. That you’re tired and broken. That the answers you thought you’d found don’t seem to work right anymore. 
We’ve been down these sad roads a thousand times before, sat quietly on lonely hillsides, cried with forgotten songs on the radio.
Always, it was our belief in other days that got us through.  I remember planting dreams with you, chasing wishes, watching flowers. But what I remember best is how you always made me laugh, even when the world around us was falling apart. 
All these years, walking the solitary paths where I found and lost myself a thousand times, I never felt alone because you were in my memory.
You were there and I will always stand by you. 
Go outside now, and walk away. Find one of those roads again somewhere in the quiet shade of gentle trees.
Take this thought and hug your shadow and love yourself and remember these things: There is nothing in this world worth giving up for what you’ve already achieved.
You will always be a fighter and a dreamer.
Now, more than ever, you’ve got to look deep within your heart and believe.

I consider myself the luckiest man on earth.
I might have been given a bad break, but I’ve got an awful lot to live for!”— Lou Gehrig


5 thoughts on “Indomitable Spirit

  1. calensariel August 11, 2016 / 9:58 pm

    That was beautiful, Shannon. It had a very lyrical feel about it. (Your writing, I mean.) 🙂

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    • calensariel August 12, 2016 / 9:16 am

      Your story affects me so profoundly. You happened to be in my dreams early this morning. I was trying to get some things done at work and my boss was giving me more to do so I’d have to stay late. Told him I couldn’t because I had to go visit Shannon in the hospital. But you know how things work out. Then I had to wake up and go piddle!

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      • Shannon August 12, 2016 / 9:31 am

        Wow! I think that’s actually neat. I’m really hoping you were visiting me on my last day in the hospital due to the fact they were releasing me cus i was too healthy to be there anymore! 😆


  2. Soul Gifts August 16, 2016 / 1:10 am

    This is such a wonderful, positive note. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well, but are now well enough not to need hospital anymore 🙂 Take care xx

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