Like My Mother Always Said


I received this book from a colleague at work who was retiring and wanted to get me a gift as a thank you for supporting her during our years working together. We had spent much time laughing and reminiscing about things we carried with us from our Mothers. Sayings, advice, health warnings, and sundry other “Mom-isms” that get passed down.

This is a nice little coffee table book and it rather surprised me how unoriginal many of our mothers were, as there are many entries I heard from my own Mom, who I thought was always the originator of said advice.

My Mom has been gone for almost ten years, so now that the grief wound has mostly scabbed over, I sometimes find myself thinking of her analytically, rather than emotionally. Trying to figure out who she was and what made her tick. Doing the math in my head to try and compare myself at forty to her at forty or whatever age I am remembering at any given time.

Just for fun, I decided to go back and research some of her advice to see if she knew what she was talking about or was simply regurgitating things her own Mother told her.

  1. Sitting on cold surfaces causes hemorrhoids. No. Mom was wrong.
  2. Eating raw potato or cookie dough causes worms. NoWrong again.
  3. Going out in the cold with wet hair will cause a cold. Wrong.
  4. Your face will freeze that way. Undecided. I’ll give her this one.
  5. Pretty is as pretty does. Mom was right
  6. Only the good die young. She was right. < Trigger warning. 
  7. I will always be with you. Forever. Mom for the win.

So, whether you choose to believe every word your Mother told you, or you choose to Google her wrong on every utterance, you cant ever escape the fact that she is your first teacher, and whose words you will be quoting for the rest of your life, right or wrong.

I choose to laugh now when my sons say ” MOM, you sound just like Nan!!’

And while I still haven’t quite figured her out and likely never will, she was my constant, my rock, and Mom-isms like the ones I posted aside, more right than she was wrong in her life advice.

Do unto others never goes out of date. Eat well and get enough rest is another one that we will appreciate more as we age.

“You will miss me when I’m gone…..”

Yes, Mom. In ways I never imagined.20150702_183255.jpg



5 thoughts on “Like My Mother Always Said

  1. Marilyn Claire January 12, 2016 / 7:46 am

    I remember the wet hair advise. Yes it is wrong. Have many friends who opened their mouths to their kids and found their mothers coming out. Mine had an odd noise she made that made you stop in your tracks. I make do with HEY in a rough rather loud voice if my dogs are bad or are about to get into trouble. It works as well as her weird noise. AECK or something like that. I also got wrong advise about getting polio but forgot what it was. I am in the generation that still got measles and chicken pox, two dread diseases I absolutely hated. And I got a shingles vaccine.


  2. Marilyn Claire January 12, 2016 / 7:47 am

    Oh, more than the good die young. I’m not young and still alive, and I’m a goodie.


  3. Marilyn Claire January 12, 2016 / 9:48 am

    Tried to go to sleep and realized I didn’t say what I wanted to say. My BFF and I were about 16, driving age, and BFF always says she raised her mother’s six younger children. Not true. Helped in ways, but she says it until this day an believes it. Her mother made clothes, nice ones, and was going back to work. She made some lovely suits dresses with jackets, dry cleanable. She sent us to the do it yourself dry cleaner one day. We put the clothes in, and had checked pockets like the responsible 17 yr olds we were. When we took them out, there was gunk all over them. From a lipstick left in a pocket. Really not our fault. We did check. My friend panicked knowing her mother would kill her. The owner of the dry cleaner took pity on us and put all kinds of cleaners on the clothes and sent them through again and again. It was better but not good. Bless his kind heart for his help. We finally drove back to her house, and I said, “well, see ya, gotta go” and she grabbed me and forced me to come in and explain. It wasn’t pretty but we escaped a beating. Years later I realized we were about the age the old evil crone of her mother would have been at the time. It struck me as remarkable. She really was a nice person, better as she got older an dumped the kids. But that was one of my worst experiences.

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    • Shannon January 12, 2016 / 3:42 pm

      Funny how our perceptions are so skewed when we are younger! I don’t think parents ever had exact ages. They were just “old”.


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